Even with the best engineering designs and the best quality equipment, a plant may not work properly due to construction errors and incorrect equipment installation.

We prevent such problems through our site supervision.

MBOS will deploy teams of specialists adapted to your needs and industry specifics to help you achieve your projects in an efficient manner.

Because doing it right the first time is essential to lower costs and keep tight schedules, we have often been considered a ‘must have’ by our clients.

From the single specialist to the full site representation, our personnel will comply to your company policies and procedures, and make sure that they are applied and respected on site.
Take advantage of our experience in:
  • Civil works.
  • Steel structure.
  • Equipment, columns and vessels inspection and erection.
  • Rotary machines installation and commissioning.
  • Instrumentation and automation integration.
  • Piping and tracing erection supervision.
  • Commissioning.
  • And more …
MBOS services many of its clients through establishing outsourcing manufacturing on their behalf.

For years, large companies have been moving all or part of their manufacturing to Asia to take advantage of the inherent lower material and labor costs.

Now, we can assist small to medium size firms to take advantage of this same opportunity through our working knowledge and relationships with Asian manufacturers throughout the region.
We have harvested relationships with Asian manufacturers by taking the time to meet with these companies, tour their facilities and confirm their capabilities “first hand”.

Given an engineering drawing sample of the product, we can locate an appropriate manufacturer who can produce it to your desired specifications, quantities and packaging requirements.

Being here in Asia gives us the ability to locate top-quality manufacturers and have them produce a product prototype for your approval.

Once manufacturing begins, we can locally verify on-time production with the desired quality control on your behalf.
Why do you need us ?
    MBOS will be your eyes and ears here in Asia. Having worked throughout Asia, we have an established network of contacts and affiliates that greatly enhances our ability to know where to go for quality manufacturers, suppliers and products.

    Additionally, being here in Asia give us the ability to respond instantly to issues and problems that can arise during manufacturing, shipping and delivery.
Inconsistent delivery or quality ?
    Our local presence also assists us in dealing with production, quality control and export logistic problems by simply being on the spot to respond immediately to these issues.
Sending a buyer overseas ?
    We can work directly with your regional buying personnel to make their trips to Asia more time efficient and profitable.

    We can perform many of the preliminary inquiries on their behalf prior to their arrival, we can assist them with local language and transportation issues during their stay and we can also support their activities with our quality office staff and equipment.
Our mission :
    Be a full partner in order to allow you to purchase the product you need in Asia, at the time you need and at the most competitive price.

    Selection – Negotiation – Supervision - Shipping
We understands the importance of making sure technology caters to different cultures in a rapidly changing world. Globalization means businesses can no longer afford to focus exclusively on local customers. Products and services cross physical borders, as the translated word crosses language barriers.

Consider a large engineering contractor in England, who might need to bid on and build a billion dollar project for a client in China, manuals, drawings, biding documents and any other elements involved in this process need accurate translation.

Today's clients, investors and employees speak many languages that only increase the translator's relevance. Offering international technical translation services is just one way we can help companies keep up with the ever-changing needs of the business world.
MBOS provides high-quality technical translation services, including engineering and technical documentation.

We undertake all types of technical translation:
Documents for most areas of engineering, including civil, electrical and mechanical, petroleum and chemical engineering ,as well as patent documentation and software engineering.

International technical translation services for massive operations and manuals, industry specifications and instrumentation manuals for complex industrial and petroleum processes, heavy machinery, the plastics industry and manufacturing plants.

We can print all your documentation, including manuals, technical documentation, maps, and ship it classified and on time.